Emerson, Lake and Plamer



Keith Emerson: keyboards   see also Nice

Greg Lake: bass, vocals, guitar

Carl Palmer: drums and percussion


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Trilogy LP
 28th Aug 1970  Isle of Wight Festival, UK  Live at the Isle of Wight CD
 15 June 71  Karlsruhe, Germany  Live: Pictures of an Exhibition 3 LP / 2 CD
 20 June 71  London  Live Tarkus Double LP /  2 CD
 3 April 1972  Vega Baja, San Juan, Puerto Rico  Mar-Y-Sol Festival CD
 10 Feb 74  Anaheim  Smashin the Piano CD
 12 Nov 1977  Wheeling  Smashin the Piano CD
 1975  Orange Country, California  Smashin the Piano CD
 26 May 74  Rich Stadium, Buffalo, NY  Live Rich Stadium 2 CD
 6 Sept 97  Wolf Trap Farm, Vienna, Austria  Live at Wolf Trap 2 CD


   other Appearances

Message to Love: the Isle of Wight Festival