My Music Collection


Hi, glad to meet you !!!!

I’m Martin. I live in a little town near Munich, Germany

Have a look around and contact me if you see anything of interest

thanks for visiting, enjoy


I do NOT sale, I only trade !!!!!!

Please do NOT sell anything I trade you!

That’s just for trade, nothing else !! I do not trade copies of any item that is commercially available!

Some Rules

§         I am interested only in HIGH (!!) quality stuff.

§         If you don't have anything to offer or if I don't find anything interesting for me, I also 2:1 trade.

§         Use DiscAtOnce, so the recording will be without gaps between tracks; this is an absolute MUST!!

§         Please send just CD's, no cases.

§         Please include setlists, it is VERY important for me !!!

§         Don't send music sourced from MP3s -- Preserve the Quality!

§         If any CD I sent you is not satisfactory or have any kind of damage please let me know.

Covers: normally I have covers for ALL my CDs. If I don’t have an ‘official’ cover, I make it myself

So if you agree with my rules …..

let's share the music !!!!!!!!!!!!


My Blues Collection

My Rock and Folk Collection

My Jazz Collection


If you find any interesting stuff please don't hesitate to contact me:    E-Mail