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Date Venue Title CD/ LP
 8 December 1963  Craw Daddy Club, Richmond, Surrey, UK  Sonny Boy Williamson & the Yardbirds LP
 February 20, 1964  Town Hall, Birmingham  Cream: Ricky Tick CD
 Spring of 1964  TV show, Go Tell It On The Mountain  Cream: Ricky Tick CD
 1964 1967    Studios Sessions 1964 1967 CD
 1965 1966  BBC Saturday Club with Jeff Beck  BBC Saturday Club 1965 1966 CD
 10. June 1965  Paris  Happenings CD
 14 April 67  Stockholm  Happenings CD
 March 67  ?? Germany  Happenings CD
 30 March 68  Lower East Side's Anderson Theater, New York
 featuring Jimmy Page
 Live Yardbirds CD



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