Sammy Vomacka


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Ragtime Guitar LP
     Come to my Kitchen LP
     Rags & Tunes LP


Ragtime Guitar

LP: Stockfisch Records SF 5002 (official)

A-1 The Entertainer (3:08)

A-2 Katz Rag (2:20)

A-3 Dallas Rag (1:47)

A-4 Blind Boy Rag (2:57)

A-4 Maple Leaf Rag (2:40)

A-4 Sunday Rag (2:11)

A-4 Temptation Rag (3:09)

A-8 Alabama Jubilee (2:33)


B-1 Easy Rider (10:21)

B-2 Dill Pickles Rag (2:41)

B-3 Bucker’s Rag (1:41)

B-4 Tickle Dew (3:04)



Come to my Kitchen

LP: Stockfisch Records SF 8002 (official)

A-1 Georgia Rag (2:27)

A-2 I’m going down this Road feeling bad (2:25)

A-3 St Louis Tickle (2:47)

A-4 I want you to know (2:24)

A-4 No Mamma no (2:47)

A-4 Whistling Blues (2:40)

A-4 She can love so good (2:27)


B-1 Como to my Kitchen (3:37)

B-2 Powder Rag (2:05)

B-3 Worried Blues (3:25)

B-4 Dust my Broom (4:21)

B-5 Man killing Broad (4:20)



Rags & Tunes

LP: Sammy Vomatcka Production VO 7701 (official)

A-1 Rag Mama (2:25)

A-2 Black + White (2:50)

A-3 Candyman (2:43)

A-3 New Rag (2:03)

A-4 Frankie (3:58)

A-5 Otzenhausen Breakdown (2:05)

A-6 Early Morning Blues (4.36)


B-1 Los Angeles (4:36)

B-2 Whistling Joe (2:31)

B-3 Let me lay it on you (2:02)

B-4 Heliotrope Boughet (2:48)

B-5 Ain’t no tellin’ (2:18)

B-6 Säbeltanz (3:27)




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