John Mayall


last update: 26 August 2008

Date Venue Title CD/ LP
   with Eric Clapton  Blues Breakers CD
   with Peter Green  A Hard Road CD
 1965 - 1966  Bluesbreaking with Eric Clapton  Bluesbreaking CD
 April 1966  Flaminco Club London  Primal Solos CD
 April 1966  Flaminco Club London  Live at the Flaminco CD
 Mai 1968  Flamer Collage Brighton  Primal Solos CD
 Dec 1968  Sweden  Primal Solos CD
 1965 – 1969  studio + BBC  The First Five Year CD
 1965 - 1969  Various BBC sessions  Beano’s Boys CD
 1965 - 1969  Various BBC sessions  Crocodile Walk CD
 Sept 1967  Reading Festival (with Mick Taylor  Frankfurt 69 2. CD
 4 Dec. 1968  Gothenburg, Sweden (with Mick Taylor  Gothenburg CD
 22 May 1969  Die Glocke, Bremen, Germany  The First Five Year, Beano’s Boys,
 Crocodile Walk
 8 June 1969  Frankfurt, Germany 1st and 2nd show  Frankfurt 69 2 CD
 30 June 1969  Marquee Club, London  Live at the Marquee CD
 13 July 1969  Fillmore East, NYC  The Turning Point LP
 28 June 1970  Bath Festival, UK  (with Peter Green  Live at Bath Festival CD
 June 1982  New Jersey's Capitol Theater, Landover  Jammin' With The Blues Greats 2 CD
     Along for the Ride CD
     The Godfather Of British Blues /
 The Turning Point


The Godfather Of British Blues / The Turning Point DVD

John Mayall’s career in the blues spans over 40 years. During that time he has been cited as a major influence by the likes of Eric Clapton, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Peter Green. “Godfather of British Blues” features contributions from himself, his family, fellow musicians, colleagues and friends in interviews and performances.  Rare archive film from all periods of his life marks his achievements and some of the events that formed them. Filmed in 2003, The BBC originally aired this documentary in December '03.

This is the earliest ‘rockumentary’ of John Mayall and his musicians filmed in their homes, dressing rooms, motorways, airports, clubs, concert halls and at festivals.  In 1969, Mayall was changing the emphasis of his band away from the ‘electric circus’ of lead guitar and drums to a more gentler approach without drums and with acoustic guitar, flutes and saxophones.  “The Turning Point” celebrates this revolutionary period. These two films are packaged together, with A SPECIAL FEATURE PHOTO GALLERY! A lovely package brought to you by EagleRock Entertainment.



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