Werner Lämmerhirt


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Ten Thousand Miles LP
     Werner Lämmerhirt Session LP
     Werner Lämmerhirt die Dritte LP
 14. – 28. April 1978  ?? Germany  White Spots LP
     All Alone LP


Ten Thousand Miles

LP: Stockfisch SF 5001 (official)

A-1 Marcel’s Rag (1:49)

A-2 Corinna, Corinna (3:51)

A-3 Hesitation Blues (4:57)

A-4 Angie (6:35)

A-5 Ten thousand Miles (3:29)


B-1 Easy Rider (3:50)

B-2 My little Mary (1:59)

B-3 Glory of Love (4:14)

B-4 Eleanor Rigby (4:52)

B-5 Nine hundert Miles (5:53)



Werner Lämmerhirt die Dritte

LP: Froggy Records FRR 7601 (official)

With Michael Lohrengel guitar, Jockel Wagner bass, Detfel Wiedeke, Wernre Protzner e-bass

A-1 Summer Dance (2:07)  Werner, Michael

A-2 Greensleeves (3:53)

A-3 Buckets of Rain (4:26)  Werner, Jockel

A-4 Music to watch Girls by (3:14)

A-5 Sitting on Top of the World (5:50)


B-1 Kite Flight (1:50)  Werner, Michael

B-2 Sporting Life Blues (5:06)  Werner, Michael, Detlef

B-3 Leo’s Mind (3:33)

B-4 Der Baär und die Bienen (3:56)

B-5 Hard and Easy (3:35)

B-6 Love Minus Zero (4:22)  Werner, Michael, Werner



White Spots

LP: Froggy Records 5063 (official)

Recorded live during 14. – 28. April 1978

A-1 Corinna, Corinna (5:12)

A-2 Oetter’s Blues (2:36)

A-3 It hurts me too (5:09)

A-4 Beatles Medley: Michhelle, Eleanor rogby, Honey Pie, Hey Jude  (8:56)


B-1 Classic Gas (4:26)

B-2 Check your Chain (4:22)

B-3 Connections (2:45)

B-4 Robbien (he’ll smile) (6:09)

B-5 San Francisco Bay Blues (4:00)



All Alone

LP: Froggy Records 5063 (official)

A-1 Ovation (3:45)

A-2 Wintertime has come (5:30)

A-3 Rainy Day in Amsterdam (5:00)

A-4 Walk in the Rain  (6:51)


B-1 To Live by the River (4:40)

B-2 Fly me to the Moon (4:48)

B-3 Ich denke oft an Ingelheim (2:16)

B-4 Smpythy for an old Castle (3:30)

B-5 Ballad for a music Man (5:40)


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