John Hiatt



Date Venue Title CD/ LP
 1990  during Stolen Moments tour in the USA  A Thing called live CD
 1993  Ventura Theater, California  A Thing called live CD


A Thing called live

1993, Ventura Theater, California during ‚perfectly good guitar‘

1990 during Stolen Moments tour in the USA

Total Time: (71:37)


1 Icy Blue Heart (4:44)

2 Drive South (6:02)

3 Cross My Fingers (4:44)

4 Paper Thin (5:22)

5 Your Dad Did (6:32)

6 Thing Called Love (7:20)

7 Slow Turning (10:09)


8 Seven Little Indians (5:05)

9 Is Anybody There? (5:56)

10 Bring Back Your Love To Me (4:20)

11 Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder (5:42)

12 Rock Back Billy (5:43)


Tracks 1-7: Recorded live in 1993 during the Perfectly Good Guitar tour at the Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA.

Musicians: The Guilty Dogs

John Hiatt (Guitar, Vocals, Piano)

Michael Ward (Guitar)

Davey Faragher (Bass)

Michael Urbano (Drums)


Tracks 8-12: Recorded live in 1990 during Stolen Moments tour in the USA. (tracks 8, 10 & 12 identical to those on Drive South recordings ?)

Musicians: The Fugitive Popes

John Hiatt (Guitar, Vocals)

Steven Paul Perry (Guitar)

Lyn Williams (Drums)

Barry Lederer (Keyboards)

Pat Donaldson (Bass)