Bob Dylan


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Bob Dylan LP
     The Freewheelin‘ LP
     The Times they are a-changin‘ LP
     Another Side of Bob Dylan LP
     Subterranen Homesick Blues LP
     Highway 61 Revisted LP
     Bob Dylan Vol 1 (Blonde on Blonde Vol 1 / 2) LP
 13-14 Feb 1974
 30 Jan 1974
 The Forum in Inglewood, CA
 Madison Square Garden in New York, NY
 Before the Flood  Double LP
   Gaslight tapes  Dylan 62 LP
   Gaslight tapes  Ode for Barbara Allen LP
 22 Dec 61  Minnesota Hotel tape +  Blind Boy Grunt LP
 1962 - 1964    John Birch Society Blues LP
 1962, May 1965  Gil Turner home tapes  Burn Some More LP
 Dec. 61 etc.  Minnesota Hotel tape  / Basement Tape etc.  Great White Wonder 1Aa  Double LP
   Minnesota tapes et al  Rare batch of Little White Wonder Vol. 1 LP
   Gil Turner Home tape

 studio tracks with the Band.

 Seems Like a Freeze Out LP
 Dec. 61,  1965  Minnesota Hotel tape  Stealin‘ LP
 Dec. 61,  etc.  Minnesota Hotel / Basement tape  VD Waltz LP
 9 May 1974
 22 Sept 1962
 „Friends For Chile“
 „Hoot Hall“ Carnegie
 Dylan LP
 19/20 April 1966  Melbourne, Australia  Melbourne, Australia LP
 May 17, 1966  Manchester  Royal Albert Hall LP
 May 26, 1966  RAH London  Royal Albert Hall LP
 April 63  NY Town Hall  While the Establishment Burns LP
 6 May 66  Dublin Ireland  While the Establishment Burns LP
 13-14 Feb 74  L.A.  Bridgett‘s Album LP
 8th June 1965  BBC TV  BBC Boardcast Double LP / CD
 Feb 1969  Columbia Studios, Nashville  Dylan / Cash Sessions CD
 31. Aug 1969  Isle of Wight Festival, Woodside Bay
 Isle of Wight
 Minstrel Boy CD


Bob Dylan

LP: CBS .. (official)



Bob Dylan

released: March 19, 1962

You're No Good

Talking New York

In My Time of Dyin'

Man of Constant Sorrow

Fixin' to Die

Pretty Peggy-O

Highway 51 Blues

Gospel Plow

Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

House of the Rising Sun

Freight Train Blues

Song to Woody

See That My Grave is Kept Clean


The Freewheelin‘

LP: CBS 62193 (official)

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

released: May 27, 1963

Blowin' in the Wind
Masters of War
Down the Highway
Bob Dylan's Blues
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Bob Dylan's Dream
Oxford Town
Talkin' World War III Blues
Corrina, Corrina
Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance
I Shall Be Free



The Times they are a-changin‘

LP: CBS 62251 (official)

The Times They Are A-Changin'

released: Feb 10, 1964

The Times They Are A-Changin'
Ballad of Hollis Brown
With God on Our Side
One Too Many Mornings
North Country Blues
Only a Pawn in Their Game
Boots of Spanish Leather
When the Ship Comes In
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Restless Farewell


Another Side of Bob Dylan

LP: CBS S 62429 (official)

Another Side of Bob Dylan

released: May 1, 1964

All I Really Want to Do
Black Crow Blues
Spanish Harlem Incident
Chimes of Freedom
I Shall Be Free No.10
To Ramona
Motorpsycho Nightmare
My Back Pages
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
Ballad in Plain D
It Ain't Me, Babe


Subterranen Homesick Blues

LP: CBS S 62515 (official)

Bringing It All Back Home

released: March 22, 1965

Subterranean Homesick Blues
She Belongs to Me
Maggie's Farm
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Outlaw Blues
On the Road Again
Bob Dylan's 115th Dream
Mr. Tambourine Man
Gates of Eden
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue


Bob Dylan Vol 1 (Blonde on Blonde Vol 1 / 2)

LP: CBS S 62739 62737  (official)

Blonde on Blonde

released: May 16, 1966

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Pledging My Time
Visions of Johanna
One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)
I Want You
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
Just Like a Woman


Vol 2

Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine
Temporary Like Achilles
Absolutely Sweet Marie
4th Time Around
Obviously Five Believers
Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands


Dylan 62

source: Gaslight / Whitmark


Side one:

1. Ain‘t no more cane

2. Handsome Molly

3. John Brown

4. Ballad of Hollis Brown

5. See that my grave is kept clean

6. Cocaine


Side two:

1. The Cuckoo is a pretty bird

2. Motherless children

3. Bound to lose**

4. Walls of Redwing *

5. Let me die in my footsteps

6. Eternal circle *



Gaslight Tape #2 except:

* The ‚Times‘ sessions Columbia Studios  New York, August-October 1963

** Whitmark demos ‚63



Ode for Barbara Allen


source: Gaslight tapes


Side one:

1. Hard rain

2. Don‘t think twice, it‘s alright

3. Black cross

4. No more auction block

5. Rocks and gravel



Side two:

1. Barbara Allen

2. Moonshiner blues

3. Bob Dylan‘s dream

4. Boots of Spanish leather

5. Blowin‘ in the wind



Blind Boy Grunt

LP (TMQ 73007)

source: 22 Dec 61 Minnesota Hotel tape +


Side one:

1. Hard times in New York town

2. Baby let me follow you down

3. Sally gal

4. Stealin‘

5. Gospel plow

6. Ballad of Donald White *

7. Only a hobo/talkin‘ devil **

8. Wade in the water


Side two:

1. It‘s hard to beblind

2. Vdblues

3. VD waltz

4. VD city

5. VD Gunner‘s blues

6. Cocaine

7. Naomi wise

8. John Brown **



22 Dec 61 Minnesota Hotel tape Except for:

* March ‚63 WBAI FM radio broadcast

** 1963 Broadside recordings.



John Birch Society Blues


(Early versions) gwa 13A & B

source: outtakes


Side one:

1. Mixed up confusion

2. East Laredo

3. I‘ll keep it with mine

4. John Birch Society blues

5. Who killed Davy Moore?

6. Eternal circle

7. Ramblin‘ gamblin‘ Willie


Side two:

1. I was young when I left home

2. Percy‘s song

3. Corrina Corrina

4. In the evening

5. Long John



Side 1

1) CBS 45 released in 1962

2) „Another side“ outtake June 1964

3) „Times“ outtake 1963

4) Original „Freewheelin‘ „ 1962-63

5) Carnegie Hall October 26th 1963

6) „Times“ outtake 1963

7) Original „Freewheelin‘ „ 1962-63


Side 2 Minneapolis, December 1961 except:

* „Times“ outtake 1963

** CBS 45 released in 1962



Great White Wonder 1Aa

source: Various

Double LP


Side one:

1. Candy Man

2. Ramblin‘ ‚round

3. Black cross

4. Ain‘t got no home

5. Death of Emmett Till

6. Poor Lazarus


Side two:

1. New Orleans rag

2. If you gotta go, go now

3. Only a hobo

4. Sitting on a barbed wire fence

5. Mighty Quinn (take 1)

6. This wheel‘s on fire


Side three:

1. Baby please don‘t go

2. Interview by Pete Seeger

3. Dink‘s song

4. See that my grave is kept clean

5. East Orange New Jersey

6. Man of constant sorrow


Side four:

1. I shall be released

2. Open the door, Homer (take 1)

3. Too much of nothing (take 2)

4. Nothing was delivered (take 1)

5. Tears of rage (take 2)

6. Living the blues



Sides 1 & 3: All Minnesota Hotel tape‘ material (Minneapolis, Dec. ‚61)

except:Interview from Broadside show 3-62

Side 4: All Basement tape material

except:  ‚Living‘ – Johnny Cash Show 1 May 1969

Side 2: The six songs here, in order, are from:

‚Another Side‘ outtake June ‚64

65 outtake released as single

‚Times‘ outtake ‚63

‚Highway 61‘ outtake ‚65

Basement tape ‚67

Basement tape ‚67



Rare batch of Little White Wonder Vol. 1


source: Minnesota tapes et al


Side one:

1. California **

2. Grasshoppers in my pillow *

3. Baby please don‘t go

4. Man of constant sorrow

5. Only a hobo **


Side two:

1. Candy man

2. I ain‘t got no home

3. The death of Emmet Till **

4. Poor Lazarus

5. Farewell *



Side 1 is Minnesota tape material except:

* Gil Turner tapes 1963 (This Leadbelly song is most often incorrectly referred to as „Grasshoppers On My Pillow or „Who You Really Are“.  It‘s closely related to „Backdoor Blues“, and is also sometimes referred to as such).

** ‚Times‘ outtake

Side 2 is Minnesota tape material except:

* Gil Turner tapes 1963

** Broadside show WBAI radio 10 March 63




source: Various outakes


Side one:

1. Can you please crawl out your window

2. It takes a lot to laugh

3. Sitting on a barbed wire fence

4. If you Gotta go, go now

5. She belongs to me

6. Love – 0/no limits


Side two:

1. It‘s all over now, Baby blue*

2. Suze (The cough song) **

3. New Orleans rag (cuts out)***

4. That‘s all right Mama ***

5. Hard times in New York town

6. Stealin‘

7. Wade in the water

8. Cocaine (cuts out)


The sources are:

Side one: 1965 studio outtakes (first 3 from ‚Highway 61‘ sessions. 4-6 from ‚Bringing it‘)

Side two: Minnesota tapes 22 Dec 61

except for

 *‘Bringing it‘ outtake 1965

** ‚Times‘ outtake 1963

*** ‚Another side‘ outtake 6-64



VD Waltz

source: various


Side one:

1. V D Blues

2. V D Waltz

3. V D City

4. V D (Woman) Gunner‘s blues

5. Mama you been on my mind

6. Seven curses

7. Wild mountain thyme

8. East Virginia blues


Side two:

1. Medicine Sunday *

2. Clothesline saga

3. I‘m not there (1956)

4. Odds and ends

5. Get your rocks off

6. Apple suckling tree

7. Paths of victory **



Side one:

VD songs-Minnesota tape 22 Dec 61

The other four in order are:

Witmark demos ‚62-‚63

‚Times‘ outtake

Isle of Wight 31 Aug 69

Scruggsfamily and friends ‚71 TV show

Side two:

Basement tapes except :

* Outtake with the Band. Oct. ‚65 (This short instrumental would later become ‚Tempory like Achilles‘)

** Witmark demos




aka: Friends of Chile / Forest Hills 1965

source: May 9th 1974 „Friends For Chile“ & September 22 1962 „Hoot Hall“

Side one:

1. North Country Blues

2. Spanish is the loving tongue

3. Blowin‘ in the wind


Side two:

1. Sally gal

2. Highway 51

3. Talkin‘ John Birch blues

4. Ballad of Hollis Brown

5. I don‘t believe you



Side one is from the Chilean benefit, „Friends For Chile“ from May 9th 1974 with Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Atrocious best sums up the performance.

Side two is rare material from the ‚Hoot Hall‘ at Carnegie on September 22 1962. The worst part is that this show boasts the earliest known version of ‚Hard Rain‘. While it‘s listed on the cover, it doesn‘t appear on the album.

* The one odd song on the LP is an electric version of „I don‘t believe you“ from the Forest Hills Tennis stadium concert of August 27, 1965. The quality, however is barely listenable.



Melbourne, Australia

source: 19/20 April 1966, Melbourne, Australia


Side one:

1. Fourth time around

2. Visions of Johanna  (Bob introduces it as „Mother Revisited“)


Side two:

1. It‘s all over now, Baby Blue

2. Desolation row



Royal Albert Hall


source: May 26, 1966 RAH / Manchester May 17, 1966

Side one:

1. Tell me Mama

2. I don‘t believe you

3. Baby let me follow you down

4. Just like Tom thumb‘s blues


Side two:

1. Leopard skin pill box hat

2. One too many mornings

3. Ballad of a thin man

4. Like a rolling stone



In fact, it was taken from an unreleased CBS acetate of an intended live Bob Dylan LP that never saw the light of day. The tracks were from London May 26, 1966 and Manchester May 17, 1966.



While the Establishment Burns


Side one NY Town Hall April 63

Ramblin‘ down through the world

Bob Dylan‘s dream

Tomorrow is a long time

New Orleans rag

Walls of Red Wing

Hero blues

Who killed Davy Moore?


Side two Dublin Ireland 6 May 66

Visions of Johanna

Fourth time around

Just like a woman

Desolation row



Bridgett‘s Album

source: L.A. 13-14 Feb 74

LP TQM 73034

Side one:  (All accoustic tracks)

1. It‘s all over now, Baby Blue*

2. The Times *

3. Love – 0/no limit

4. Don‘t think twice

5. Just like a woman

6. It‘s all right ma (I‘m only bleeding)*


Side two:  (All electric tracks)

1. Most likely you go your way

2. Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35

3. Ballad of Hollis Brown

4. Highway 61 revisited

5. Like a rolling stone

6. Blowin‘ in the wind


Notes:  The source is LA 13 Feb ‚74 except * 14 Feb



BBC Boardcast

Transfer to CD from Boot-Double LP (TMQ 7501)

8th June 1965, recorded for BBC TV

Broadcast 26 June 1965

1. Love – 0/no limit

2. One too many mornings

3. Boots of Spanish leather

4. It‘s all right ma (I‘m only bleeding)

5. She belongs to me

6. It‘s all over now, Baby Blue


Broadcast 19 June 1965

7. Ballad of Hollis Brown

8. Mr. Tambourine Man

9. Gates of Eden

10. If you gotta go, go now

11. Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll

12. It ain‘t me, Babe



Minstrel Boy

31. Aug 1969, Isle of Wight Festival, Woodside Bay, Isle of Wight

WPOCM 0690 D 053-2


1. She Belongs To Me

2. I Threw It All Away

3. Maggie‘s Farm

4. The Wild Mountain Thyme

5. It Ain‘t Me Babe

6. To Ramona

7. Lay Lady Lay

8. Highway 61 Revisited

9. One Too Many Mornings

10. I Pity The Poor Immigrant

11. Like A Rolling Stone

12. I‘ll Be Your Baby Tonight

13. The Mighty Quinn

14. Minstrel Boy

15. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35

16. Mr. Tambourine Man

17. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine



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