Leonhard Cohen


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Date Venue Title CD/ LP
  1968  Paris Theatre, London  BBC Broadcasts 1968 CD
  Aug 1970  Festival Performances, Aug 1970  Aix-En-Provence Festival
 Isle of Wight Festival
  25 June 1976  Montreux, Switzerland  Montreux 76 2 CD
  23 May 2008  Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada  Moncton 2008 2 CD


BBC Broadcast 1968

Total Time: 78:14

Spring 1968 at Paris Theatre, London

Tracks 01-05 Broadcast August 31, 1968 on BBC2 TV ("Leonard Cohen Sings Leonard Cohen")
Tracks 06-13 Broadcast September 7, 1968 on BBC2 TV ("Leonard Cohen Sings Leonard Cohen")
Sound Quality:  Excellent Mono Soundboard (Possibly from a BBC tape)

01 You Know Who I Am
02 Bird On The Wire
03 The Stranger Song
04 So Long Marianne
05 Master Song
06 There's No Reason Why You Should Remember Me
07 Sisters Of Mercy
08 Teachers
09 Dress Rehearsal Rag
10 Suzanne
11 Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
12 Story Of Isaac

13 One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

11 August 1968 & Broadcast on BBC Radio 1 ("Top Gear with John Peel")

Sound Quality: Very Good Mono Soundboard (FM Broadcast)

14 Bird On The Wire
15 So Long Marianne
16 You Know Who I Am


27 January 1968 & Broadcast on BBC2 TV ("Once More With Felix")
Sound Quality: Very Good Mono Soundboard (TV Broadcast)

17 Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Duet with Julie Felix)


Festival Performances Aug 1970

Two partial recordings of festival performances from 1970 in wildly different quality.

2 Aug 1970, Aix-En-Provence Festival, France

Quality: audience


The Aix show is an audience recording which suffered from severe speed/pitch fluctuation which I have done my best to remedy somewhat -- to remedy it completely would be an impossible task. The source has ugly crossfade edits between tracks which obviously nothing could be done about. All of Lenny comments and intro's are in French.


01. Les Propriétaires de la Révolution (speech in French) 1:35
02. Bird on the Wire 3:50
03. So Long, Marianne 2:24
04. You Know Who I Am 3:11
05. Lady Midnight 2:36
06. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong 4:14
07. The Stranger Song 5:19
08. For No Reason At All (Improvisation) :40
09. Joan of Arc 5:02
10. The Partisan 3:34
11. Intro :38
12. Sisters of Mercy 3:30
13. Diamonds in the Mine 4:14


31 Aug 1970 4am, Isle of Wight Festival, East Afton Farm, Isle of Wight, England

Quality: Soundboard


The Isle of Wight tracks are from the same pristine soundboard recording as the three officially released tracks ("Let's Sing Another Song, Boys" on SONGS OF LOVE & HATE, "Tonight Will Be Fine" on LIVE SONGS and "Suzanne" on MESSAGE TO LOVE and other various artists IoW albums). This recording is an absolute must-have.


01. Intro :51
02. One of Us Cannot Be Wrong 5:01
03. The Stranger Song 6:42
04. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye 4:18
05. Diamonds In The Mine (with first verse known as "They Gave Me Some Money") 5:10



Montreux 76

25 June 1976, Montreux, Switzerland

Quality: Excellent Soundboard


CD 1: Total Time: 50:15

1st set:

1. Bird on the Wire

2. So long Marianne
3. Who by fire
4. That’s no way to say goodbye
5. Storeroom
6. One of us cannot be wrong
7. Lady midnight
8. There is a war
9. I tried to leave you

10.  Diamonds in the Mine


CD 2: Total Time: 38:0

2nd set:

1. Chelsea Hotel
2. The stranger song
3. Lover lover lover
4. Sisters of mercy
5. Tonight will be fine





Moncton 2008

23 May 2008, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Quality: Excellent Soundboard


Disc One
1. Dance Me To The End Of Love
2. The Future
3. Ain't No Cure For Love
4. Bird On The Wire
5. Everybody Knows
6. In My Secret Life
8. Who By Fire
8. Anthem
9. Tower Of Song
10. Suzanne
11. Gypsy Wife
12. Boogie Street

Disc Two
1. Hallelujah
2. Democracy
3. I'm Your Man
4. A Thousand Kisses Deep (recitation)
5. Take This Waltz

First Encore
6. Heart With No Companion
7. So Long, Marianne
8. First We Take Manhattan

Second Encore
9. That Don't Make It Junk
10. Closing Time

Final Encore
11. I Tried to Leave You



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