Canned Heat



Canned Heat II (1968 - 1969)

* Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson - guitar/harmonica/vocals

* Bob "Bear" Hite - harmonica/vocals

* Henry Vestine - guitar

* Larry Taylor - bass

* Adolpho "Fito" de la Parra - drums


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Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     The Boogie House Tapes 2 CD
     Uncanned: Best Of Canned Heat 2 CD
 1978  Fox Venice Theater, Venice, CA  Hooker ‚n Heat CD
     Boogie with Hooker n' Heat Double LP
     Rat out CD
 29 Aug 1969  Texas Pop Festival Dallas, Texas  Live at the Texas Pop Festival CD
 22 Aug 1971  Ruis Rock Festival Turku, Finland  Live at the Ruis Rock Festival CD


The Boogie House Tapes

Ruf (in-akustik)  B00004TVAW (official)


CD: 1

1. Reefer Blues

2. House of blue lights

3. Sleepin‘ in the ground

4. Caterpillar crawl

5. D.Drone

6. These boots are made for (studio jokes)

7. Cherokee Dance

8. Harley Davidson Blues

9. Good bye fot now

10. Chicago bound

11. On the road again

12. Human condition

13. My time ain‘t long

14. London Blues

15. Future Blues

16. Move on down the road

17. Long way from LA

18. Going up the country

19. Let‘s work together


CD: 2

1. Bullfrog Blues

2. Bob speaks to the audience

3. Pulling hair Blues

4. You know I love you

5. I love my baby

6. Breathe easy

7. Sore back Blues

8. Shaken Boogie

9. Bring it on home

10. Tu vas trop vite (keep in clean)


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