Blackmore's Night


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Fires of Midnight CD
     Ghost of a Rose CD

Fires of Midnight


Ritchie Blackmore: -electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, hurdy gurdy, tambourine, Renaissance drum

Candice Night: -vocals, backing vocals, shawm, harp, recorder,pennywhistle,electric bagpipes

Sir Robert of Normandie: -bass, backing vocals

Carmine Giglio: -keyboards

Pat Regan: -keyboards

Chris Devine: -violin, viola, recorders, flute

Mike Sorrentino: -drums

Albert Dannemann: -bagpipes on “All Because Of You"

Richard Wiederman: -trumpets

John Passanante: -trombone


1. Written in the stars

2. The times they are a changing

3. I still remember

4. Home again

5. Crowning of the king

6. Fayre thee well

7. Fires at midnight

8. Hanging tree

9. The storm

10. Midwinter's night

11. All because of you

12. Waiting just for you

13. Praetorius

14. Benzai-Ten

15. Village on the sand

16. Again someday



Ghost of a Rose


Ritchie Blackmore: guitar

Candice Night: vocals

Bard David Of Larchmont: Keyboards, Piano

Sisters Of The Moon, Lady Madeline, Lady Nancy: Backing Vocals:

Squire Malcolm: Drums, Percussion

Sir Robert Of Normandy: Guitar, Bass

Lord Marnen Of Wolfhurst: Violine, Flöte


1. Way to Mandalay

2. 3 black crows

3. Diamonds and rust (original Joan Baez)

4. Cartouche

5. Queen of a day (part 1)

6. Queen of a day (part 2) instrumental

7. Ivory tower

8. Nur eine Minute (instrumental)

9. Ghost of a rose

10. Mr. Peagram's moris and sword(instrumental)

11. Loreley

12. Where are we going from here

13. Rainbow blues (original by Jethro Tull)

14. All for one

15. Dandelion wine



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