Ralph Towner - 12 string guitar, classical guitar, piano, french horn, trumpet

Glen Moore - Bass, electric bass, piano, bass clarinet

Paul McCandless - Oboe, english Horn

Collin Walcott - sitar, Tabla, congas, percussion, dulcimer, clarinet

Date Venue Title CD/ LP
 1972  Vanguard's 23rd Street Studio, New York  Music of another present Era LP
 2-5 July 1973  Vanguard's 23rd Street Studio, New York  Distant Hills LP
 July, Aug 1974    Winter Light LP
 8-9 April 1975  Vanguard's 23rd Street Studio, New York  in Concert LP


Music of another present Era

LP, Vanguard VSD 79326 (official)

A-1: North Star (5:54)

A-2: Thr rough places Plain (3:14)

A-3: Sail (4:32)

A-4: At the Hawk's Well (3:09)

A-5: Children of God (1:09)

A-6: Opening (5:32)

A-7: Naidas (2:02)


B-1: Shard (0:29) / Spring is really comig (2:55)

B-2: Bell Spirit (0:42)

B-3: Baku the Dream Eater (4:22)

B-4: The Silence of a Candle (1:54)

B-5: Land of Heart's Desire (3:21)

B-6: The Swan (3:51)

B-7: Touchstone (5:55)


Distant Hills

LP, Vanguard VSD 79341  (official)

A-1: Aurora (7:42)

A-2: Dark Spirit (5:50)

A-3: Mi Chirita Suite (7:00)


B-1: Distant Hills (6:31)

B-2: Canyon Song (4:56)

B-3: Song for a Friend (5:19)

B-4: Confession (6:24)


Winter Light

LP, Vanguard VSD 79350  (official)

A-1: Tide Pool (8:32)

A-2: Witchi-tai-To (3:26)

A-3: Ghost Beads (6:38)

A-4. Deer Path (2.46)


B-1: Fond Libre (5:34)

B-2: Street Dance (2:10)

B-3: Rainmaker (4.27)

B-4: Poesia (5:25)

B-5: Margueritte (4:05)


In Concert

LP, Vanguard VSD 79358  (official)
8 / 9 Aug 1975, Vanguard's 23rd Street Studio, New York


A-1: Introduction (0:42)

A-2: Become, seem, appear (6:36)

A-3: Summer Solstice (9:46)

A-4: Undertow (3:43)


B-1: The Silence of a Candle (9:43)

B-2: Tryton's Horn (5:01)

B-3: Yet to be (6:55)


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