Mahavishnu John McLaughlin



Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Extrapolation LP
     My Goal’s beyond LP
     Sharki LP



LP: Douglas S DGL 69814  (official)

John McLaughlin: Guitar
John  Surman: baritone and soprano sax
Brian Odge: bass
Tony Oxley: drums

A-1: Extrapolition (2.57)

A-2: It's Funny (4:25)
A-3: Argen's bag (4:25)

A-4: Pete the Poet (5:00)
A-5: This is for us the Share (3:30)


B-1: Spectrum (2:46)

B-2: Binky's Beam (7:06)

B-3: really you Know (4.25)

B-4: Two for Two (3:45)
B-5: Peace Piece (1:50)



My Goal’s beyond

LP: Douglas S DGL 69814 (official)


1. Peace One (7:18)

2. Peace Two (12:15)

3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (3:20)

4. Something Spiritual (3:29)

5. Hearts And Flowers (2:10)

6. Phillip Lane (2:36)

7. Waltz For Bill Evans (2:01)

8. Follow Your Heart (3:19)

9. Song For My Mother (2:34)

10. Blue In Green (2:38)




LP: CBS 81388 (official)

Zakir Hussain: Percussion, Tabla

John McLaughlin: Guitar

Lakshminarayana Shankar: Violin, Vocals

T.S. Vinayakaram: Ghatam, Mridangam

T.H. „Vikku“ Vinayakram: Percussion, Vocals

1. Joy (18:15)

2. Lotus Feet (4:46)

3. What Need Have I For This-What Need Have I For That-I Am Dancing At The Feet Of My Lord (29:03)


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