Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine



Larry Coryell - acoustic guitar

Philip Catherine - acoustic guitar

Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Splendid LP
   Olympic Sound Studios, London  Twin-House LP



LP, elektra ELK 52 086  (official)

A-1: One plus two Blues (5:17)

A-2: Snowshadows (3:29)

A-3: Transvested Express (5:20)

A-4: Deus Xango (5:27)  with Joachim Kühn - piano


B-1: My Serenade (4:54)

B-2: No more Booze (3:43)

B-3: Father Christmas (2:39)

B-4: A quiet Day in Spring (4:02)

B-5: The Train and the River (4:48)



LP, Atlantic ATL 50 342  (official)

A-1: Ms. Julie (5:26)

A-2: Home Comings (5:56)

A-3: Airpower (4:00)

A-4: Twin House (4:54)


B-1: Mortage on your Soul (3:00)

B-2: Gloryell (7:16)

B-3: Nuages (5:18)

B-4: Twice a Week (4:40)


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