John Abercrombie



Date Venue Title CD/ LP
 May 1976  Talent Studios, Oslo  Timeless LP
 March 1975  Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany  Gateway LP



LP, ECM 1047 ST  (official)
John Abercrombie - Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Jan Hammer - Organ, Synthesizer, Piano

Jack DeJohnette - Drums


A-1: Lungs (12:09)

A-2: Love Song (4:35)

A-3: Ralph's Piano Waltz (4:56)


B-1: Red and Orange (5:24)

B-2: Remembering (4:32)

B-3: Timeless (12:00)




LP, ECM 1061 ST  (official)
John Abercrombie - Guitar

Dave Holland - Bass

Jack DeJohnette - Drums


A-1: Back - Woods Song (7:52)

A-2: Waiting (2:09)

A-3: May Dance (11:02)


B-1: Unshielded Desire (4:50)

B-2: Jamala (4:49)

B-3: Sorcery I (10:58)


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