Robert Pete Williams


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Robert Pete Williams LP
   Munich  Sugar Farm LP
     Those Prison Blues LP
     The Legacy of the Blues Vol 9 LP


Robert Pete Williams

LP: Ahura Mazda AMS 2002


Farm Blues

Goodbye Slim Harpo

Rub Me Until My Love Comes Down

Freight Train Blues

Got Me Way Down Here

Matchbox Blues

Railroad Blues

Tombstone Blues

Sweep My Floor

You Used to Be a Sweet Cover Shaker Woman But You Ain't No More

Vietnam Blues



Sugar Farm

LP: Blues Beacon 1932 101 B

Recorded at Munich


A-1: Better have your Way

A-2: Louise

A-3: Texas Blues when I was young

A-4: My Shoes torn up my Feet


B-1: The new talking Blues of Angola

B-2: Two white Horses in a Line see that my Grave is keep clean



Those Prison Blues

LP: Arhoolie 2015


A-1: Pardon denied again

A-2: This wild old Life

A-3: Texas Blues

A-4: Up and down Blues


B-1: Im blue as a Man can be

B-2: Louise

B-3: Blues in me

B-4: I got the Blues so bad

B-5: Come here Baby, tell me what is wrong with me



The Legacy of the Blues Vol 9

LP: Sonet SNFT 649


A-1: Woman You Ain't No Good

A-2: Come Here Sit Down On My Knee

A-3: Angola Patience Blues

A-4: Late Night Boogie


B-1: I'm Going Out To Have Myself A Ball

B-2: Poor Girl Out On The Mountain

B-3: Graveyard Blues

B-4: You're My All Day Steady And My Midnight Dream

B-5: Keep Your Bad Dog Off Me



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American Folk Blues Festival 66

American Folk Blues Festival 72