Bukka White


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     The Legacy of the Blues Vol 1 LP
     Baton Rouge Mosby Street LP
 11 March 1975  Aula der OPD, Bremen, Germany  Country Blues Concert LP


The Legacy of the Blues Vol 1

LP: Sonet SNTF 609


A-1: Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

A-2: Baby Please Don't Go

A-3: New Orleans Streamline

A-4: Parchman Farm Blues

A-5: Poor Boy Long Ways From Home

A-6: Remembrance Of Charlie Patton (Talking)


B-1: Shake 'Em On Down

B-2: I Am In The Heavenly Way

B-3: The Atlanta Special

B-4: Drunk Man Blues

B-5: Army Blues



Baton Rouge Mosby Street

LP: CAR Records Collection 1932119


A-1: Po‘ Boy

A-2: Stone

A-3: Sic‘ em Dogs on


B-1: Miss Mary

B-2: Black Cat

B-3: Tippin‘ in



Country Blues Concert

LP: Sonet SNTF 609

Sparkasse in Concert

Recorded live  11 March 1975, Aula der OPD, Bremen, Germany


A-1: Black Rat (5:44)

A-2: Way out in the West (5:16)

A-3: Mama don’t allow (5:22)

A-4: Stuttgart, Arkansas (5:45)

A-5: Don’t fuzz Blues (2:39)


B-1: Big Boat up the River (7:47)

B-2: New Orleans Streamline (3:53)

B-3: Everyday I have the Blues (4:40)

B-4: Aderbeen Blues (2:38)

B-5: Midnight Blues (4:15)

B-6: Poor Boy (2:03)


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