Otis Rush


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Door to Door


 9 Oct 1977

 Nancy, France  Live in Europe CD
 4 July 1978  Village Vanguard, New York
 with Johnny Winter
 Live at the Village Vanguard 78 CD
 9 July 1986  Casino de Montreux, Switzerland  Natural Man CD
 15 Oct 1988  St. Louis, MO  Live in St Louis CD
 2 May 1990  Chiba, Japan  Live in Chiba 90 2 CD
 19 May 1994  House of Blues, Chicago  House of Blues 2 CD
 17 Dec 1994  Tokyo, Japan  Live in Tokyo 94 2 CD
 3 June 1995  Chicago Blues Festival, Chicago  Live Chicago Blues Festival 95 2 CD
 23 May 98  Tokyo, Japan  Live in Tokyo 98 2 CD


    other Appearances

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American Folk Blues Festival 1966

Chicago Blues Today Vol 2

Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972

San Francisco Blues Festival 86

Jimmy Dawkins: All for Business

Luther Allison: Live in Chicago  /   Live at Lone Star Cafe

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