J.B. Lenoir


Date Venue Title CD/ LP
     Down in Mississippi LP
     Natural Man LP


Down In Mississippi

LP: Polydor 24-4011


1.   Down In Mississippi

2.   Slow Down

3.   If I Get Lucky

4.   Shot On Meredith

5.   Round And Round

6.   Voodoo Music


7.   Born Dead

8.   Leavin' Here

9.   Vietnam Blues

10.   How Much More

11.   Tax Payin' Blues

12.   Feelin' Good



Natural Man

LP: Chess 410


A-1: Natural Man

A-2: Don't Dog Your Woman

A-3: Let Me Die With The One I Love

A-4: Carrie Lee

A-5: Mama, What About Your Daughter

A-6: If I Give My Love To You

A-7: Five Years


B-1: Don't Touch My Head

B-2: I've Been Down So Long

B-3: What Have I Done

B-4: Eisenhower Blues

B-5: Korea Blues

B-6: Everyday Wants To Know

B-7: I'm In Korea


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