Elmor James


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     To know a man LP


To know a Man

Double LP: Blue Horizon S 7-66230

Vol 1:

A-1: Hand in Hand take 1, I have a right to love my Baby, hand in hand take 2 (7:45)

A-2: Hand in Hand take 3 (3:15)

A-3: Hand in Hand take 4 (3:04)

A-4: Everyday I have the Blues (3:26)


B-1: Dust my Broom (3:48)

B-2: It hurts me too (3:24)

B-3: Talk to me Baby take 1, can’t stop loving my Baby (5:30)

B-4: Got to move (4:06)

B-5: Manhattan Slide (3:36)


Vol 2:

A-1: Twelve Year old Boy (4:15)

A-2: Elmore Jumps one take 1 (4:10)

A-3: I believe take 1, I gotta go now (7:55)

A-4: Back in Mississippi (3:40)


B-1: Second Fiddle Man (2:30)

B-2: Make my Dreams come true (3:37)

B-3: Mean mistreatin‘ Mama take 1 & 2 (4:30)

B-4: Mean mistreatin‘ Mama take 3 (2:50)

B-5: Sunnyland (2:25)

B-6: Footrace to a resting Place, wrong doing Woman (5:35)


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