The All Star Blues World of Spivey Records

LP: Spivey LP: 1011


Roosevelt Sykes and his Koochie Koochie Man

A-1: Fat Daddy Jump - Roosevelt Sykes

A-2: Dresser Drawers - Roosevelt Sykes

A-3: I’m leaving - John Hammond

A-4: Black Gal - Victoria Spivey

A-5: Koochie Koochie Man - Roosevelt Sykes


Smokey Hoog and his Washboard Trio

A-6: Smokey’s West Texas - Smokey Hoog

A-7: Laura so sweet - Smokey Hoog


B-1: My Baby left me - Smokey Hoog

B-2: Doctor of the Washboard - Washboard Doc

B-3: Bells are toning - Smokey Hoog


Willie Dixon Chicago all Blues Stars

B-4: Down in the ‚Bass-ment‘ - Willie Dixon

B-5: Blues drove me out of my Mind - Sunnyland Slim

B-6: Three o’Clock in the Morning - Cryin‘ Marie Dixon

B-7: Lonesome Bedroom Blues - Johnny Shines