American Folk Blues Festival 69

LP: CBS 63912

3rd October 1969 at Royal Albert Hall, London


A-1.  Jumpin' with Juke Boy (1:42) - Juke Boy Bonner harp & guitar

A-2.  Going up and down (5:05) - Earl Hooker guitar & vocal, Carey Bell harp, Mark Thompson bass, Robert St. Julien drums

A-3.  Medley: Rocking with chromanica/I feel bad, bad, bad (7:00) - Carey Bell, Earl Hooker, Mark Thompson, Robert St. Julien

A-4.  Running shoes (2:25) - Juke Boy Bonner

A-5.  Poor boy (3:03) - John Jackson guitar & vocal

A-6.  Zydeco et pas sale  (2.49) - Clifton Chenier accordeon & vocal, Cleveland Chenier washboard, Robert St. Julien


B-1.  Blue shadows fall (5:10) -  Earl Hooker, Carey Bell, Mark Thompson, Robert St. Julien

B-2.  Wrap it up (3:13) - Clifton Chenier

B-3.  Easy baby (3:22) - Magic Sam guitar & vocal, Mark Thompson, Robert St. Julien

B-4.  Looking good (2:05) - Magic Sam

B-5.  Across the Atlantic Ocean (6:33) - Whistling Alex Moore piano & vocal & whistling

B-6.  John Jackson Breakdown (1:42) - John Jackson guitar